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There has been a passion for food since the first day we met.  A dedicated bookcase to cookbooks is a sure sign of Kathryn's commitment to food.  Neither of us are keen readers but every single book has been leafed, folded and noted enhancing our culinary knowledge. Our favourite location is Paris and our passion to build our own company was forged through our own charity events and support from our friends and their love for our food.

The idea for our own street food business came from our love for good quality local ingredients and wine pairing.  We love going to festivals and trying all the different foods.  I am very happy and safe to say the greasy overpriced burger has long slipped off its perch and we are in the realms of world inspired cuisine.  With so much on offer, we needed to give you something different and wanted to showcase from our own food experiences.  The only way to achieve this is by bringing our kitchen to you.

We have spent a lot of time sourcing ingredients, producing many different cheesey delights and taste testing everything to bring you the ultimate mouth watering experience.


We love local and without the need to travel across the continents we have found some of the best here in the UK.  With these amazing base ingredients and our horse box we bring you, the ultimate grilled cheese toasties, awesome cheese boards, mini baked camembert dippers in the shape of street food... or we create our own catered supper clubs and dining experiences paired with drinks to bring about the feelings we experienced when we first wrapped our mouths around them.

Most of our dishes have been inspired by our trips around the world and holidays to the vineyards stretching from Tuscany to Nappa Valley. If you've got time listen we can tell you all about our adventures around food.

Sam has a love for cooking outdoors, catching what he can and living off the land, where he gets the opportunity we factor this into our cooking, usually through our home 16 hour slow cooked and smoked meats or cold smoked cheeses. You'll either find him rummaging around in a European market or trying to entice a live animal into a pot.


Meet the Mice

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