"Methuselah" Where it all begins...

A Methuselah holds 6 Litres of champagne, or 1 imperial gallon (that's a lot of Champagne). Methuselah was also the oldest and wisest man in the Bible, living to a grand old age of 969. Today she is re-born as our Drunken Mouse home.

Green wasn't our color, nor was it a color that suits our style! So we decided to turn our brand new "Hulk" horse box into "Streamlined stealth" black...

Armed with unsuitable brushes and an unhealthy hangover from the Grape and Grain Festival in Ripley we made our way down to the farm in the glorious sunshine...

The interior still needs some last touches, although with an oak work top, three fridges, heated water and a hand sink, she's fitted out better than our own kitchen at home!

Even the sheep came out to say "hello", unfortunately 3 tins of paint wasn't enough, so we left it to another sunny evening to finish the job...

#ripleyfarmersmarket #grapeandgrainfestival #food #surrey #guildford #streetfood #cheese #wine #gin #cocktails #bestofbritish

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