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The Drunken Mouse Launch Party...


In keeping with our summer 2017 #cookforsyria BBQ, Summer 2018 yet again we cooked our food, forced friends to eat it, give feedback and raised over £500 for UNICEF!

Thanks to all of our friends that came and supported us, we really couldn't have embarked on this adventure without you!

After much deliberation over the menu we stuck for a modest 7 course BBQ, which was initiated at 5am with a 15 hour, low-and-slow smoked shoulder of pork... We will have to wait until the end of the evening to discuss this masterpiece!

Homemade Devilled eggs

Homemade Marinaded olives

As our close friends & relatives arrived we offered homemade beetroot and goats cheese deviled eggs, pork scratching's, chilli roasted nuts and marinaded olives to wet the appetite.

We didn't want to fatten people up too much, because in the true spirit of The Drunken Mouse, we had the coal BBQ, the Gas BBQ, ProQ Smoker and Oven on full!...

We kicked off with 2 spit-roast chickens (on the gas BBQ, over beer, lemon and rosemary broth), 1 spats-cocked chicken on the coal BBQ and another roasting in the oven (space saver) all covered in our own BBQ rub.

Spit Roast Chicken

Whilst Sam BBQ'd, Kat prepared the homemade smokey-baked beans and baked the jalapeno and cheese cornbread to sit alongside the tender chicken as our first dish.

"SAVE YOUR PLATES"... we hadn't ordered enough bamboo/cardboard plates for 40 of our friends to have a fresh plate for each course, which may have been a slight oversight, however we were only looking after the environment.

Stripping Corn

Moving on... yesterday's freshly picked corn which had been lovingly prepared in the sun by a dungaree clad, slack jawed Kathryn, was wrapped in foil with chilli flakes & butter and left to broil on the gas BBQ - Served up with a choice of either a feta, paprika & yoghurt or garlic, chilli & lime dips.

The ciders and beers were flowing and everyone was having a good time...

As the warm evening sun started to sweep across the sky, we settled into the sausages, and keeping with the 'Drunken' theme, we were able to source some delicious gin & tonic and venison with red wine sausages from our local butcher just half a mile down the road. Top these off with a sweet and spicy, homemade chipotle ketchup and you have yourself one beautiful banger!

The Drunken Mouse Launch Party

Regularly checking the temperature of the slow cooked pork shoulder and fighting the urge to taking a peek, so as not to spoil its unveiling, was a continuous job throughout the day.

A sunset to never forget

We were graced with an ethereal sunset that appeared to be a good omen as we unveiled the BBQ pulled pork, which had been patiently sat in the corner since 5am!

Smokey Slow raosted BBQ Pork Shoulder

What I can say about this is...

You'll have to come and find us to see for yourself how good The Drunken Mouse BBQ smoked pulled pork, cheese toasties with homemade dressings really are!

Cheese Toastie Surrey and Sussex

The last stand AKA The Cheese board... where the possibility of slipping into a deep and heavy food coma was unarguably high!

Our 'Ultimate' cheese board comprised of over 15 differing cheeses from all over Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. We asked our rather lubricated guests to provide feedback on the morsels they tasted, allowing us some very important market feedback that we can use to ensure we only bring you the very best around!

Surrey and Sussex Cheeses

We finished off the most amazing day sitting around the fire pit with a glass of port and good company.

Thank you to all our friends and family who came to support us and donated to UNICEF, it truly was a fantastic day and we can't wait to share the next chapter with you!

The Drunken Mouse Friends

"CHEERS to the The Drunken Mouse!"

The Drunken Mouse Hosts

Polaroids from The Drunken Mouse Launch Party

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